All Together Know is the ninth episode of Total Drama: The Return!


Chris awakes the campers and tells them that each of there names is on a card in the forest and they must each go find it. While looking, Izzy and Dawn ask Jo, Anne Maria, and Staci to join the alliance. They all say yes. Chris is then confused because they are all together know but something will shock them at the elimination. Everyone brings there card to Chris at the elimination ceremony and he puts it in a bowl. He says whoever's name he draws is eliminated. He then draws Eva's name and everyone is shocked. Everyone hugs her and she leaves.


Actor Role
Christian Potenza Chris McLean
Julia Chantrey Eva
Katie Crown Izzy
Athena Karkanis Anne Maria
Caitlynne Medrek Dawn
Laurie Elliott Jo
Tyrone Savage Lightning
Ashley Peters Staci


  • This is the first time that Chris draws a name of who is eliminated.
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