Blood, Sweat, and Tears is the third episode of Total Drama: The Return!


It's raining when the campers wake up. Staci then starts singing "It's Raining, It's Pouring" song which annoys Courtney. Courtney later makes a call saying "Y'all come to the island I have someone y'all need to meet". The challenge is to craw in mud on the ground, climb over a wall, and then through a bolder as far as you can. When Izzy gets to climbing over the wall her foot gets stuck and Lighting helps her. The Olympians win the challenge since they threw the boulder the farthest. Before Chris delivers marshmellows a boat arrives. Katie and Sadie are on the boat. Staci mingles with them and they become BFFL's. Staci then leaves the competition saying she wants to hang out with them. Courtney then is glad her plan worked and told her whole team. Her team got mad at her for doing such a mean thing. Later at the new resort on the island, that is only for campers who win the challenge that night can be at, Lighting and Eva are talking to Dawn and Izzy. Izzy thanks Lighting again for how he helped her earlier. Dawn and Izzy then ask them both to join there alliance and they both say yes.


Actor Role
Christian Potenza Chris McLean
Rachel Wilson Heather
Scott McCord Owen
Carter Hayden Noah
Adam Reid Justin
Julia Chantrey Eva
Katie Crown Izzy
Athena Karkanis Anne Maria
Carleigh Beverly Dakota
Caitlynne Medrek Dawn
Laurie Elliott Jo
Tyrone Savage Lightning
Ashley Peters Staci
Lauren Lipson Sadie
Stephanie Anne Mills Katie


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