Izzy and Dawn's Alliance is an alliance formed by Dawn and Izzy. It started in the first episode of season 1.

Season OneEdit

In Return of the Drama, Izzy and Dawn become friends when they arrive at the competition. They chose to share a bunk. They later asked each other to form an alliance at the same time. They both agree to both be leaders of the alliance. They later both voted for Cameron along with the rest of there team.

In Ice, Ice, Baby, Izzy and Dawn are both very tired after getting up so early. They are seen sitting and talking by each other in the plane. They later help there team build a snowboard. Izzy and Dawn are later very happy there team won the challenge.

In Blood, Sweat, and Tears, Izzy and Dawn are seen getting up and standing by each other. They later compete in the challenge, that there team wins. Later, Izzy and Dawn ask Lighting and Eva if they wanna join and they say yes.

In Bungee Jumping, Izzy and Dawn and the rest of the alliance tricked Dakota into jumping. They later say they are sorry, and she joins the alliance after they tell her they can help her win and be on the cover of all the magazines. The alliance later voted Justin out of the competition.

In Survivor, the everyone in the alliance except Dakota stayed in the forest and helped there team win.

In Book Smarts, the alliance works together and wins the challenge for there team. They are then very happy that they won the challenge.

In Dodgeball, the alliance tries to win the challenge but loses, mostly because of Dakota. They later call a modeling agency and say she wants to be a model and lands the job. They later eliminate Dakota and Betray her. They sy she was too pretty and that she got a job as a model. She is later thankful and hugs everyone.

In Return of the Staci, they are together when Staci returns and during the elimination and challenge.

In All Together Know, the alliance asks Jo, Anne Maria, and Staci to join the alliance and they do. They each help eachother find there card. Everyone is shocked when Chris drawed Eva's name out of the bowl to be eliminated. Everyone hugged her before she had to leave.

In The Search for the Keys, everyone helps each other find there keys. They all had a marshmallow in there chest except Jo. Jo was then eliminated and everyone hugged her before she left.


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