Return of the Drama is the first episode of Total Drama: The Return!


All of the campers arrive and are each greeted by Chris one by one. Soon they are placed on teams after they placed there stuff in there cabins. In the cabins, friends and enemies were made. At lunch, a few people threw up. Later outside the cafeteria, Chris tells them there challenge is to run all the way through the woods, past the river, past the bears den, to the beach. Then make a boat and swim to the other side of the island again. Both teams were about to pass the finish line right next to eachother, when Cameron stopped rowing his team's boat and they slowed down letting the other team win. Cameron was later eliminated.


Actor Role
Christian Potenza Chris McLean
Megan Fahlenbock Gwen
Rachel Wilson Heather
Scott McCord Owen
Carter Hayden Noah
Adam Reid Justin
Julia Chantrey Eva
Katie Crown Izzy
Athena Karkanis Anne Maria
Kevin Duhaney Cameron
Carleigh Beverly Dakota
Caitlynne Medrek Dawn
Laurie Elliott Jo
Tyrone Savage Lightning
Ashley Peters Staci


  • Izzy and Dawn are alike in a few aways and become very good friends in this episode. They also form an alliance.
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