Season OneEdit

In Return of the Drama, when Staci arrived she started talking to Chris and he got very annoyed and pushed her into the water. She eventually got out of the water. Later, at the cafeteria she was one of the people to get sick and throw up. She helped her team win the challenge.

In Ice, Ice, Baby, she starting talking on the plane and annoyed everyone. She helped her team with the challenge but they sadly lost. She survived the elimination ceremony.

In Blood, Sweat, and Tears, when it was raining Staci got up and starting singing the "It's Raining, It Pouring" song which really annoyed Courtney. At the challenge she really could barely get threw the mud and past the climbing wall. At the elimination ceremony Katie and Sadie arrived and instantly Staci became Best-Friends with them. She left the competition to be with them.

In Return of the Staci, Staci returns to the competition and wins the challenge. She later chooses Courtney to go home.

In All Together Know, Staci joins Izzy and Dawn's Alliance along with Anne Maria and Jo. She was later shocked when Eva's name was drawed out of the Bowl along with the others. She hugged her before she had to leave.

In The Search for the Keys, she helps others find there key and they help her find her key. She opens her chest to reveal a marshmallow meaning she is safe. She is later shocked when Jo was eliminated and hugged her like the rest of the remaining contestants.

Season TwoEdit

Staci (Total Drama Online)

Staci in Season Two

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